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About company Mida

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Equipment for the industrial production

Mida Company is the commercial organization with broad foreign economic relations and specializes on the supply of equipment for the industrial production of the leading manufacturers in China, India and Korea. We offer modern equipment for the production of a wide range of applications for manufacturers of various industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, light industry, environmental protection, etc.

This web-site of Mida Company presents a wide range of equipment, successfully exported to different regions of the world including Europe and America.

We will help you to pick up technological equipment which will decide your current production task. In reactors (glass, steel, alloys, including enameled inside for corrosive environments) chemical reactions are carried out under certain conditions (temperature, pressure). The resulting products or by-products can be used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Working volumes of reactors - from 100 to 25 000 liters.

Thermostatting systems allow you control the temperature in the reactors in the automatic mode, which ensures the success of the process. Especially important is temperature control during the exothermic reaction, accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature. Along with maintaining the desired temperature in exact limits, there is possible rapid heating / cooling, and ultra-low temperatures. Depending on the properties of the raw materials of the customer, which be dried, Mida Company will pick up the type of drying equipment: stationary high temperature furnace, dryer fluidized bed and dryer in vibro-fluidized bed, spray dryer, vacuum dryer-mixer, drum dryer, roller dryer, freeze vacuum drying unit.

To carry out processes of separation on components, product concentration, extraction, heating and cooling our company will help equip your production with the necessary equipment, such as distillation, rectifying, extraction and absorption columns, concentrators, evaporators, heat exchangers. To separate the raw material into components are used centrifuges. By the nature of the work they are divided into periodic, continuous and semi-continuous action, by the principle of operation - into filtering and sedimentation (also called decanter). Centrifuges can be controlled in manual or automatic mode. The equipment is certified in Russia and has a full package of operational and technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations. After the delivery are carried out installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. Always ready to consider options for cooperation in different fields. Sure our joint projects will be successfully implemented.